Donut Domains : Trademark application has been cancelled

The application at the USPTO for the trademark DONUT DOMAINS has been cancelled, after the applicant filed an express abandonment request.

That was an odd course of things for a mark that was filed in November 2020, for the following services:

Computer services, namely, domain name registration services; registration and tracking of domain names for identification of users on a global computer network and other computer networks; providing information in the field of domain name ownership rights and domain name broker services.

In February 2021, the mark was approved and was published for opposition. Then, a few weeks later, the attorney on record filed an express abandonment request, to which the USPTO complied.

The mark DONUT DOMAINS is now dead. The applicant, ALD Holdings LLC is a Montana corporation that appears to be unrelated to Donuts Inc.

It’d be interesting to find out if that express abandonment request is related to exactly that confusing reference to “donuts.” The same trademark applicant has filed for the registration of the mark LEARN DOMAINS.

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