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Drone attorney: Enrico Schaefer & partners embrace the future with new service


Drone Attorney Enrico Schaefer

Drone technology is a wonderful thing, and while it creates new exciting services such as drone delivery, many things are awaiting to be addressed.

Flying unmanned drones for commercial purposes is still a prohibited activity in the US.

The airspace will eventually be zoned in areas of altitude in order to ensure safety and privacy from drones and commercial planes.

With that in mind, drone law is a whole new emerging chapter and attorney Enrico Schaefer is embracing it with the launch of DroneLaw.pro.

Enrico is a UAS pilot and technology lawyer, practicing technology  and UAS law on a national basis.

With DroneLaw.pro, Enrico Schaefer and partners Robert Dreer, Tony Klemptner, Brian Hall, Katie Horvath and Mark Clark, are addressing a multitude of law-related issues, arising from the use of drones.

Such questions addressed by the Drone Law attorneys, include the following:

  • Can a real estate agent or broker charge money to take drone pictures of properties?
  • Can I use a drone to film my event?
  • FAA and Drone Law: Can I fly for business?
  • FAA Rules and regulations for small unmanned aerial vehicles (sUAS)

For more information, visit DroneLaw.pro.

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