Embrace.com: Trademark registration hitting the official gazette

It’s been a two year long marathon for Embrace.com and its trademark application with the USPTO.

The domain business operated by popular domain investor, Elliot Silver, is virtually days away from registering the EMBRACE.COM mark.

According to the application that was filed in May 2020, the mark consists of EMBRACE.COM in block lettering with the E comprising a pair of interlocking mirror-reversed letters.

The mark’s application with the USPTO is now published in the official trademark gazette.

The EMBRACE.COM mark is awaiting registration for the following services:

Online retail store services featuring internet domain names; Online dealership services in the field of internet domain names.

These days, the USPTO takes a long time to process trademark applications. If you’re in a hurry, better start today.

The EMBRACE.COM trademark application was filed with the assistance of expert IP attorney, John Berryhill. Congratulations, Elliot!


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