#Domain memes : How to make $20,000 dollars with a simple system!

Domain memes are our open-ended, recurring series of fun incidents related to the domain industry.

Identifying such funny or more serious incidents, domain memes offer a quick laugh – or an intense scratch of the top of your head.

Sometimes, the domainers’ high expectations about a domain’s worth clash with the low offers of buyers, in the $1 to $2 dollar range.

How can you generate a five figure income from domain sales, when such lowball offers are made?

Very simple. Just follow our method below. 😀

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2 Responses to “#Domain memes : How to make $20,000 dollars with a simple system!”
  1. Juan says:

    Ha ha ha.
    If the domain is really good it still can be a good buy. You should never give a pick up option.

  2. maik says:


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