10 Long-Tail Domains that you would not believe they were registered once!

Some people swear by short domains – the shorter the better. Others go after long-winded, descriptive domains, several words in length.

There is an ongoing claim that such long-tail domains perform well in search engines.

If anything else, if the keywords are unique they stand a chance of showing up on the first page of Google, but the prominence is usually short term.

Regardless, these long-tail beauties are usually hand-registered for a purpose and their existence appears to be brief for a reason; they are usually related to an event and they’re dropped once the financial “hole in the pocket” becomes too large.

We looked up these 10 long-tail domains that were registered once and at some point they expired. It’d be interesting to know what their owners were thinking at that time; were they even sober?

Click on each domain to view their past history via DomainTools.com!

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