8====D Dicks By Mail .com : Will this be the next BIG Flippa auction? 8====D

When ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com sold on Flippa, the novelty factor of the domain broke the scales, at $85,000 dollars.


Dicks by mail .com.

Whether that was a fun promotion or a truly brilliant sale, shall forever remain between the seller and the buyer, but the concept of quickly selling a web site built on a whacky business model hasn’t died off.

Fresh off the registration chain comes DicksByMail.com, a web site that for $15 bucks sends a bag of “dicks by mail” to those you either despise, or want to upset by telling them the obvious: they’re being dicks!

DicksByMail.com was registered on March 5th, 2015, according to DomainTools.

The definition of “being a dick” is more or less universal: someone whose behavior discounts basic human ethics, and overrides interpersonal relationship principles, including that of common courtesy.

But maybe that’s all too deep; after all, the novelty of DicksByMail is in the gummy mini penises it promises to deliver, anonymously. Sounds like fourth grade recess humor, all over again.

Will this be the next big auction at Flippa.com? We’ll have to wait and see. 8=====D

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