Afternic rolls out Snail Slow Transfer domain service

Afternic, the self-professed world’s leading domain aftermarket, announced the availability of a new option for domain transfers following a sale.

Snail Slow Transfer is the tongue-in-cheek name that was chosen to reflect a slow, yet safe and secure pace of completing sales on Afternic.

“With Snail Slow Transfers our sellers can rest assured that their domains will remain in their accounts for days, if not weeks, following a sale. If you are nervous about your domains leaving your accounts overnight, or while you are busy in the bathroom, those days are over,” said Markus Mein, VP of Domain Transfers & Pushes at GoDaddy.

So how do Snail Slow Transfers work exactly?

For starters, this ingenious method utilizes an established technology from the pre-internet era: The US Mail.

By sending all messages related to a domain’s funding, instructions to unlock, or the push itself via the mail, Afternic is gaining control over actions that when performed at light speed might lead to terrible operational mistakes.

“Snail Slow Transfers at Afternic work well as all instructions arrive in a hard copy, with signature release upon delivery. Anyone who wants to steal your domain will fail 100% of the time; sellers receive a check issued by the Tempe Credit Union that ensures all funds are guaranteed and safe,” added Markus Mein.

If you are interested in using Snail Slow Transfers instead of the Fast Transfers that have caused issues recently, just call your Afternic or GoDaddy account manager and ask for the new service to be enabled in your account.

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