Ali Zandi : Big bucks as a NameBright banner star!

Domain broker, Ali Zandi, is once again killing it; this time around, he didn’t have to sell a single domain.

After dropping a bunch of .XYZ domains, Ali needed some quick cash, and instead of brokering yet another six figure sale, he did something extraordinary.

“Industry leader, DropCatch, contacted me to appear in a series of promotional banners for, their domain registrar subsidiary,” said Ali Zandi.

“They were looking for a cool dude and my beard established that part, so I did a test run with some banners,” added Zandi, stroking his beard.

Coupled with a lumberjack shirt, Ali Zandi’s cameo maintains its hipster and trendy qualities, promoting domain registrations.

Ali Zandi in a NameBright banner promo.

“I’m very happy with how I look wearing plaid, and I will probably give up my usual tops,” said Ali Zandi, adding: “It’s easy money bro!”

Congratulations to Ali Zandi and to NameBright for this great new idea, promoting domain name registrations.

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3 Responses to “Ali Zandi : Big bucks as a NameBright banner star!”
  1. Jamie Zoch says:

    Funny thing, I actually was thinking this very same thing this morning! Not with Ali but just domainers in general appearing in the ad. 🙂

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