Amazing escape from the dreaded ChatRoulette ban!

Hot females on ChatRoulette - Which one is a JPG and which one is an MPEG?

The ChatRoulette phenomenon has overcome every aspect of daily life worldwide. From pimply teenagers, to soccer moms, to deranged college freshmen and septuagenarian perverts alike, appears to be the devil’s playground, where anything goes.

Its 17 year old Russian creator has promised bigger and better things; as he’s trying to sell the project to either a Russian billionaire or a conglomerate of Silicon Valley investors, his web site is receiving cataclysmic traffic – more than one million daily hits.

The ChatRoulette platform – originally created to allow strangers from around the globe to quickly meet at random and have an audiovisual conversation – has been abused by people that display their genitals to every digital passer-by.

This silly act of public flashing – punishable by law in real life – has caused the ChatRoulette creators to establish a method of banning individuals whose acts or imagery is reported.

Currently, the measure seems to apply to people that received 3 complaints within 5 minutes – they are banned from using the system for 10 minutes.

However, an amazing escape from this ChatRoulette ban has been discovered by our research team; apparently the ChatRoulette ban is a client-side injection of data, versus a direct blocking of the offender’s IP address.

The peer to peer audio and video communication involves use of Adobe Flash that is installed into most computers nowadays – with the exception, of course, of the iPad.

To get unbanned at ChatRoulette instantly, the method is simple.

Once you receive the ChatRoulette ban message, click the OK button; then right-click on your video window and select Settings. From the Flash menu, select the third tab – the one with the folder icon – and scroll the storage value all the way down to zero, hit OK at the confirmation and Close. That’s it. You will be able to reconnect right away.

Have fun!

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