Chat Roulette battle: Will the web site owners lose the trademark?

There’s an update to the ongoing battle for the Chatroulette trademark and it’s not what one would expect it to be. Last month we wrote how the operators were a year late in applying for a trademark with the USPTO. A Swiss company applied for the mark first, despite having no ownership of the […]

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Chatroulette Inc opposes older trademark application

In February we wrote about Chatroulette – the playground of chronic flashers and masturbators – and the company’s failure to secure a trademark from the get go. In that story, we revealed how a Swiss based corporation was quick to apply for the US trademark for ‘Chatroulette’ when they filed for it a whole year […]

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A few weeks ago we announced how the Chatroulette saga would soon seemingly end, with the approval for registration of Chatroulette as a trademark. But hold your horses and hold onto your seats: the REAL owners have just awaken up from their long Siberian winter sleep and applied for the Chatroulette trademark! Shocked? We […]

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Shocking decision: ChatRoulette becomes trademarked!

In a shocking reversal of the decision – as we detailed it less than two weeks ago – the USPTO has given the green light for the registration of ChatRoulette as a trademark. Apparently, the legal mumbo-jumbo that hindered the registration of the popular word, ChatRoulette, was minimal after all. The trademark registrants are based […]

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ChatRoulette saga about to end? Trademark refusal is final

Back in July we talked about a pending trademark application for “Chatroulette” at the USPTO. The same party – Swiss corporation Tick&Talk AG based in Zurich – had also submitted a trademark application for “Chathopper”, another popular Chatroulette clone that emerged after the original video chat gained notoriety. It seems that the results are in: […]

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This is what happens when one has no specific business plan in mind: direction is lost. Ultra popular Internet destination, was down for more than a week, with the cryptic message displayed on its page: The experiment #1 is over now. Thanks for participating. Renewed and updated version of the website will be launched […]

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Chatroulette and Trademarks: The Battle Begins

Despite the efforts of 17 year old Russian programmer slash entrepreneur Andrey Ternovskiy it seems that the Chatroulette project isn’t taking off any time soon. After allegedly turning down $1,000,000 from a Russian investor, Andrey took his video chat project to Silicon Valley, where he met with several investors seeking funds. The problem seems to […]

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Smelling the .CO Millions!

One of the biggest .CO domains reserved by the .CO Registry is no other than traffic magnet destination for 2010 – Chatroulette! Yes, that’s correct: the domain was not pre-released and certainly not offered during the landrush. Bummer. Instead, the .CO Registry reserved the domain, apparently aiming to auction it later on – preferably […]

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Game Over for Chatroulette perverts

It’s game over – at least for now – for Chatroulette perverts that expose themselves on popular video chat platform, – thousands of offending IPs have been blocked by the system administrator. Once considered as the next platform for audiovisual conversations between random individuals, Chatroulette has turned into a virtual masturbatorium for flashers and […]

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World Cup 2010 fever about to kill Chatroulette

It’s official: World Cup 2010 has started in South Africa and as of now the local team is pulling an 1 – 1 draw against Mexico. Billions of spectators around the globe will be watching the most popular sport on the planet. Often referred to as “soccer” but known as “football” in every country with […]

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More Chatroulette drama – This time to the tune of $150,300

There is a certain amount of curse involved with the popular web site, Chatroulette – where thousands of exhibitionists reside at any given moment of the day, for the purpose of “socializing”. Ahem. Attempting to capitalize on the huge traffic and popularity of a lot of people registered “roulette” domains, hoping to attract traffic […]

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France and Turkey beat (off) USA in Chatroulette popularity

The popularity of – the brainchild of a 17 year old Russian programmer – has been dropping recently, despite the sheer amount of traffic commanded by the web site. The Chatroulette owner has not yet secured financing for his project. Chatroulette is most popular in France, Turkey, Switzerland and Belgium. In relative numbers, the […]

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