Can’t wait until the weekend is over!

I’ve had it. And damn it, I am not afraid to say it. Once this weekend is over, finally we will feel like domainers again. All this white noise around us: the vuvuzelas, the jabulanis, the strange makeup in the shape and color of national teams. World Cup 2010 ends Sunday with the grand finale […]

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Sedo behind huge bonus for German team

World Cup 2010 quarter-finals are ending today with two games, one of which is Argentina against  Germany. The German soccer machine is stronger than ever, having mowed their opponents in every match. Argentina is also very strong, what with coach being Diego Maradona – the deliverer of the infamous “hand of God”. Not only is […]

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Distraught by Soccer result, Rick Schwartz prepares Big Sellout

The World Cup 2010 fever has reached even the most hardcore anti-sports domainers, despite the crazy buzzing sounds of the vuvuzelas. Team USA managed to reach the 16 teams phase and excitement built up. “Folks, I support team USA all the way”, said Rick Schwartz watching the game on his 64″ projection TV. “I think […]

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Executive summary: This is a tale of two identical trademarks, one for a soccer ball and one for wine. And while the oldest one is for the wine, it’s being used on the web against the ball’s rights. Jabulani means “to celebrate” in the Zulu language, spoken by 10 million people in Africa. Known for […]

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Fabulous to raise prices for all German citizens

Popular domain registrar announced today that they are raising their registration prices for a select group of registrants. Effective July 1st, the .com/.net and .org Registries are set to raise their fees for registering domains, something that all registrars take into account. However, effective immediately, Fabulous will be raising the fees for all registrants […]

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World Cup 2010 fever about to kill Chatroulette

It’s official: World Cup 2010 has started in South Africa and as of now the local team is pulling an 1 – 1 draw against Mexico. Billions of spectators around the globe will be watching the most popular sport on the planet. Often referred to as “soccer” but known as “football” in every country with […]

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Rick Latona: I admit it, I can still score!

There’s one reason Rick Latona chose June 8th to 10th for the highly successful TRAFFIC conference, currently in Vancouver, Canada eh? But let’s talk about a little known fact about Rick’s childhood, something that even Rick doesn’t talk about often. The New York City native loves soccer. Growing up in the Big Apple and worshiping […]

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