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#FIFA 2022 : No, 5890 euro is not “basic cost” for an infringing #domain name

If you register a domain infringing on a famous mark, you’re a cybersquatter. Such cases give a bad name to the majority of domain investors who play by the rules, and when the domain involves the FIFA trademark then you have a UDRP coming your way. The registrant of FIFA2022.com was served with a UDRP […]

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FIFA scandal dot .com : Who really needs dot .Sucks domain ?

The grand FIFA scandal that was unveiled earlier this week is still expanding; latest revelations in this $150 million dollar corruption extravaganza claim that Germany paid its way to host the 2006 World Cup. Hardly surprising, when officials appointed get an extended stay at those positions of power, they tend to succumb to monetary temptations, […]

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World Cup 2010 fever about to kill Chatroulette

It’s official: World Cup 2010 has started in South Africa and as of now the local team is pulling an 1 – 1 draw against Mexico. Billions of spectators around the globe will be watching the most popular sport on the planet. Often referred to as “soccer” but known as “football” in every country with […]

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