World Cup 2010 fever about to kill Chatroulette

It’s official: World Cup 2010 has started in South Africa and as of now the local team is pulling an 1 – 1 draw against Mexico.

Billions of spectators around the globe will be watching the most popular sport on the planet.

Often referred to as “soccer” but known as “football” in every country with the exception of good ole USA, the World Cup 2010 fever is about to dethrone other traffic magnets on the Internet.

Statistics show that about 20% of traffic for the popular destination, Chatroulette, is from the US. With the rest being split between Germany at 15%, Turkey, France, Spain, the UK, China, Switzerland and so forth, it seems that will witness 80% of its traffic diverted to other web sites.

The reason: you can’t watch World Cup 2010 and beat your meat on Chatroulette at the same time!

Known as a destination for testosterone-laden exhibitionists, is far from being the dream audiovisual experience that its 17 year old Russian inventor hoped for. It’s an Internet destination where anything goes, and which is neither safe for work or for minors.

You have been warned.

Meanwhile, World Cup 2010 is for everyone: bored housewives, frustrated husbands, hyperactive kids with ADD and so forth.

Although the official page is at where you can view all the stats, info and the schedule of the games, one can visit this amazing, interactive calendar “wheel” – we highly recommend it to all World Cup 2010 fans!

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