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#Amazon Echo registered 1000 domains after #Alexa malfunctioned

An Amazon Echo owner received a hefty bill from Uniregistry, after the popular voice-activated gadget went on a domain registration rampage.

Shocked? So are we.

Apparently, Amazon’s Alexa registered 1,000 domain names, without the Echo’s owner intending to.

Bob Smith, the unsuspecting domainer, owns 2 cats by the name of Damien and Regis. On Friday morning, his Uniregistry bill arrived, with $8,670 dollars charged to his credit card for domain registrations.

“I made the mistake to link my Uniregistry account to my Echo device, pairing it in unverified command mode,” said Bob Smith.

“This morning, the registrar bill gave me a shock, but realizing what happened last night, it was definitely my fault,” added Smith.

Late Thursday night, the domain investor was scolding his two cats for clawing at his toilet paper in the main bathroom.

In doing so, Bob Smith shouted out:

“Damien! Regis! Told you, 1000 times, don’t use toilet paper!”

Alexa Echo interpreted that as a command to register 1000 domains containing the word “toilet paper.”

Amazon is looking into the incident, while Bob Smith is currently busy, trying to sell his toilet paper niche domains at NamePros.

Kudos: Dale.

Toilet paper domains – Photo by Michael Jasmund on Unsplash

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