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Applicant for new gTLD .SUCKS has Big Plans


ICANN might have postponed the official launch of gTLDs past the end of 2010, but already serious entrepreneurs are getting ready to tap this new expansion of the Internet landscape.

While some are focusing on .football or even .xxx a little-known domainer from Florence, Italy is getting ready for the big launch of his project.

Rocco Alfredo, an importer of eggs and vegetables from Latin American countries to the European Union, is planning to apply for the .sucks gTLD – a controversial domain extension.

“Yesss…I believe future is dot sucks eh? Everyday a-people say “my boss sucks”, no? Or they a-say “mama mia, Silvio Berlusconi sucks” so what we do, we offer .sucks and people register domains dot sucks”, says Rocco Alfredo.

Known to his friends as “il cappuccino” due to his prominent balding head, Rocco Alfredo is investing a quarter of a million dollars into this new venture. He plans to protect several elements from being exposed to the .sucks namespace, however.

“Well no, I make a-certain the Pope won’t be a-registered, or Mother Mary or Italia, or my favorite calcio team, Roma! A-nobody say Roma.sucks eh?”, says Rocco with a gesture of the arm that in Italy means “go to hell”.

The new DotSucks project will go live in the coming weeks.

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2 Responses to “Applicant for new gTLD .SUCKS has Big Plans”
  1. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    That’s fantastic, I would support both .crap and .sucks! *Anything* except .tel 😀

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