Aron Meystedt : Twitter account was suspended

Aron Meystedt owns

Aron Meystedt, domain investor extraordinaire and registrant of the first .com domain name ever registered – announced that the Twitter account @AronMeystedt has been suspended.

Meystedt’s Twitter account is @FirstDomain, dedicated to The Twitter account that was suspended was set up by an impostor, who used his photos:

Anyone have a contact at Twitter ? Someone registered and posted photos of me @AronMeystedt so I had Twitter shut it down. BUT, since they suspended the account, they can’t give it to me. I’d like to take over the account. Know anyone at Twitter that can open it up for me? Thanks!

It’s an interesting case of blatant Twitter abuse, but does Twitter release such suspended usernames, ever?

Here’s what we found in the official Twitter FAQ:

Q: Can I get an inactive username?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot release inactive usernames at this time. Please read our inactive account policy for more detailed information

What does the Twitter inactive account policy say?

Here’s some additional information.

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