Aron Meystedt’s rolls out example case of angel investing

Domain investor and owner, Aron Meystedt, has launched an advisory company from the domain

The unlikely name, used primarily to wipe remnants of food away from one’s mouth and hands, indicates the process of sketching ideas on a napkin.

“We’re doing this as a reminder that nothing beats writing your ideas on a napkin, semi-smudged with sriracha,” said Aron Meystedt.

“Don’t let your ideas fly away. Keep a pen handy, and a bunch of napkins – I prefer a rough texture with some flowers and bees – and when the right inspiration moment hits, write things on it!” exclaimed Meystedt.

Indeed, many available domain names or other branding and product ideas, slip away within 15 minutes of being thought of, according to Meystedt. By using a napkin, and, one should be able to roll out a multi-billion dollar corporation, eventually.

“We recommend using a marker versus a ball point pen to write on the napkin,” said Aron Meystedt, adding: “Or just go to and ask us what we can offer to provide you with exceptional services in the Angel Investing, Venture Capital and corporate Advising fields.”

Below is an example of what is all about.

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