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Ask Me Nothing : DomainSherpa show to roll out new, exciting format

Drew Rosener – DomainSherpa owner.

DomainSherpa moved recently from the busy hands of Mike Cyger, to the equally busy mind of Drew Rosener.

The cryptocurrency boffin is eager to get the show off the ground, and hinted of new updates that might be coming.

“We’re rolling out a new, exciting format for our live guests, called ‘Ask Me Nothing’,” said the new DomainSherpa owner.

“Basically, the domain investor or entrepreneur just sits in front of the camera, trying hard not to respond to a barrage of personal and professional questions. If he breaks the silence, the audience wins!” exclaimed Drew Rosener.

Other changes involve the introduction of Domainer Flash Cards, in an exciting, interactive game about domain names and investing.

Questions related to domains are displayed for 0.5 seconds, and the audience has the opportunity to make an educated guess and respond via the live chat. Rewards include cryptocurrency specials, such as Fish Oil Coins, Ether Ganja and even real money.

“My intention is to beat Mike Cyger in his own game,” said Drew Rosener, adding: “I love you, Mike, but you know I can do better with the show, I am always thinking ahead of the competition, my brain runs on blockchain, bro!”

Both the “Ask Me Nothing” activity and the “Domainer Flash Cards” sub-game are already trademarked in Panama. We cannot wait for the new show’s format to go live, sometime before the end of 2020.

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