Rick’s domain now using Fathom analytics, Rick Schwartz’s domain under contract, is no longer pointing to a joint ventures lander.

The Domain King announced that the domain has been on contract for $6 million dollars plus royalties. Unlike the obvious adult use, is expected to be something…different.

What exactly will be used for, we cannot fathom. Which brings us to the use of Fathom analytics by, presumably tracking visits.

According to their web site at, Fathom is easy-yet-powerful website analytics that protects digital privacy.

ASSuming that the buyer under contract is testing traffic currently, Fathom appears to be a provider of great looking analytics and charts.

Which brings us to yet another point: Unrelated to Fathom analytics, the domain is no longer active, but the domain is not for sale:

The educational resources formerly available at are no longer being maintained and have been taken offline. The domain is not available for sale. All other inquiries should be directed to the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship at Columbia University (

So there you go, three pieces of information served in one article! 😀

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