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Autonomous Risk Intelligence: #SHIELD motto forgotten during #domain rebranding!

CashShield is a Singapore based cybersecurity firm, that rebranded to SHIELD. In the process, they secured the domain Shield.com, with the help of Media Options. Founder and CEO, Justin Lie, announced the big news two weeks ago.

There’s no doubt that a 2018 Series B funding round of $20 million dollars has provided a healthy amount of capital to lock down Shield.com for the brand.

During this domain rebranding process, something was forgotten: their motto, and applied-for trademark.

In September 2019, CashShield applied for the mark AUTONOMOUS RISK INTELLIGENCE at the USPTO, with an “intent to use” filing. In other words, they locked down the application with the intention to provide proof of using the mark in interstate commerce within six months.

The trademark application was filed on September 28, 2019. On October 2, 2019, someone registered the matching domain, AutonomousRiskIntelligence.com.

Autonomous Risk Intelligence – The matching domain is up for sale at Dan.com

The bad news: forgetting to register the corporate motto, especially one applied for as a trademark, is a display of severe negligence. The good news: the domain is up for sale at DAN.com for $990 dollars.

Conclusion: When performing an act of domain rebranding, secure all IP assets involved (motto, byline, trademarks) as domains also.

SHIELD might have to pay less than $1k to get the domain, but other start-ups that make the jump to a generic, might not be as lucky. And now, enjoy some dramatic music in the video below! 😀

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  1. Data Glasses says:

    Perhaps they should be …….Agents of Shield

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