Back pocket story : Is this Rick Schwartz’s best advice ever?

Rick Schwartz has been using Twitter as his video blogging platform, for the past few days.

The Domain King, who once quit Twitter in protest of how its support system treated a hacked account incident, uses Twitter as his direct megaphone.

In a recent article at his blog,, Rick links to the video blogging sessions made on Twitter.

While it’s advisable to use a platform where you control the content, Rick seems happy with the way his short presentations are accepted by his global audience.

Out of several video blog sessions, one that stands out, in our opinion, is titled Rick’s Back Pocket Story.

What is the “back pocket story” all about, you might ask.

In Rick’s video, it’s all about how he stashed away advice he could not or would not use at the time of his youth, in his mental back pocket.

Years later, naturally a more mature man, he’d seek and use these words of wisdom by pulling them out of their storage.

It’s a video well-worth watching! 😀

Incidentally, is currently available to register, although in the past it was taken.

Rick Schwartz talks about his “back pocket story” on Twitter

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One Response to “Back pocket story : Is this Rick Schwartz’s best advice ever?”
  1. BullS says:

    I prefer Front Pocket so I can put my hands in there to check the Marbles.

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