Best Registrars: Porkbun & Dynadot on top of USA Today’s list

The popular domain registrars Porkbun and Dynadot made it to the top of the USA Today’s list, as “Best domain registrars in 2023.

Porkbun was chosen as the best domain registrar for long-term savings, with a rating of 5.0, while Dynadot was selected as the best domain registrar for international business with a 4.8 rating.

The selection was not based on pricing alone, as many domain investors would agree that either registrar is not the most affordable.

Best Domain Name Registrars in 2023

Best Domain Name Registrars in 2023

It’s interesting to note that GoDaddy charges a whopping $21.99 dollars to renew .com domains with them, while Network Solutions flat out demands $25 bucks for every new registration; still, both registrars are included on the USA Today list of the best domain registrars in 2023!

While the list appears to contain several points to gauge the performance of domain registrars, it appears to ignore many established, quality domain registrars, such as, our sponsor, or newcomers such as Spaceship.

The list also includes registrars that are web hosts primarily, such as DreamHost, Hostinger, and Bluehost.

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One Response to “Best Registrars: Porkbun & Dynadot on top of USA Today’s list”
  1. MapleDots says:

    Anything that includes Network Solutions is not worth the paper its written on. Network solution is by far one of the worst registrars when trying to move a domain out. I have written numerous articles about how bad this registrar is. So I do agree Porkbun & Dynadot are great registrars but the fact that netsol is included casts doubt on the legitimacy of the USA today’s list and feels very much like there was some hand greasing going on.

    You can read one of my nestsol articles here:

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