Big drop : Dot .XYZ back to May 2016 registration levels

The .XYZ numbers have fallen to the levels of May 2016, right before a massive “penny promo” that catapulted it well above 5 million domains.

After a year, renewal rates of those .XYZ domains registered at $0.01 each appear minimal. Many domain investors dropped thousands of .XYZ domains en masse.

While the cost of registration was minuscule, renewals at regular price would have proven costly.

The fast sliding in .XYZ registrations continues: ntldstats reports a total of 2.89 million domains currently, with another half a million in upcoming deletes.

XYZ is now officially at the #2 spot of gTLD charts, with dot .TOP at the top – not that any of this matters.

The majority of .XYZ drops were from Uniregistry, Public Domain Registry, Namecheap and GMO Internet accounts.

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