Bob Parsons : Employees to get a chunky holiday bonus

Bob Parsons, founder.

GoDaddy founder, Bob Parsons, gave his company’s employees a great, unexpected holiday gift today Friday.

According to the announcement, Big YAM employees will share a $1.3 million dollar bonus, all thanks to the new Republican tax reform law.

That’s right, president Donald Trump is creating a “trickle down economy,” it seems; Bob Parsons is a Republican, who has proudly proclaimed himself to be a “deplorable.”

Big YAM employs a total of 725 people, and the 594 lucky ones who have been with the company longer than six months, will each receive a $2,000 dollar bonus, according to the press release.

All other staffers will get $1,000 dollars, with the total in bonuses reaching $1.3 million dollars.

Thanks, Bob!

Correction: The article initially and in error, said that GoDaddy employees will be receiving the bonus. This is not the case; our apologies for the error.

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  1. Eric Lyon says:

    Nice! Don’t spend it all in one place guys and gals! :p

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