BoostLeadGeneration: Spammer “Eric Jones” rolled out yet another #domain

Arch-spammer “Eric Jones” has launched yet another spamming domain to harass owners of web sites around the globe. The company using this alias has been known to use the domains and in recent months.

These WHOIS-spamming phuckstics now operate from the domain name, that is once again registered at Cloudflare.

It’s truly disgusting that Cloudflare also provides DNS proxy services to these arch-spammers, hiding their web hosting locale, in true bulletproof fashion.

In addition, spammer “Eric Jones” is using a new email with Google, apparently because the previous one is being blocked by spam-reporting web sites.

The new email address is “” so add it to your blocking filters and report them to Google.

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5 Responses to “BoostLeadGeneration: Spammer “Eric Jones” rolled out yet another #domain”
  1. andrew says:


  2. jmac78 says:

    This “Eric Jones” sicko used to spam the heck out of my website’s contact form. I would get multiple entries per day about “TalkWithWebVisitor.” I beefed up security for my contact form’s Captcha and it cut way down on the messages from him, went from many per day down to maybe one per week. After a nice hiatus I suddenly got another one from him yesterday, and then one today. I noticed the “boostleadgeneration” URL being plugged in his spiel so I did a web search and found this article. I guess I’ll have to boost security even more for my contact form. Is there anything else that can be done? I’m sick of this leech.

  3. WebHero says:

    Send an email to with the title Illegal Spam Fraud Site

    report the website, include copies of the emails used, and the nameservers being used

    Nameservers being used: and

    Include the full body of the email content from your contact form.

  4. Eyerate says:

    How can we Email bomb him? I like that he proved my new form works and want to tell him how much I love him. Would just love to send my thanks to the website 1000 times. Any suggestions and maybe we can show him the company some love?

  5. RH says:

    After getting so many emilas over the years from ‘Eric’ I chose to email him back and my email got rejected!! How ironic….

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