Chef Patrick is back with a new business venture!

Patrick Ruddell, or Chef Patrick, has to be one of the most ingenious entrepreneurs in recent memory.

The NY transplant to Florida has done it all: From busy domain investor and domain blogger, to domain conference on a Caribbean cruise founder, to real estate property developer, to successful mini donut shop founder.

As “Chef Patrick” he’s the source of numerous true stories and parody stories in the domain industry since our publication was launched in 2009. It was during the Las Vegas TRAFFIC conference in 2010 that we finally got to meet Chef Patrick in person!

Although Patrick Ruddell faced challenges along the way, both personal and professional, he never gave up. His latest project in Florida involves bounce houses, a lucrative business, apparently.

As the founder of Bounce House Gals, Patrick can set you up with the fanciest, most fun bounce houses in the Tampa area. Check out their web site at

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