Domain road trip : Visited Chef Patrick’s Mini Doughnut Factory with Mike Robertson

Visited Tampa earlier today, and had the opportunity to hang out with the legendary Mike Robertson of DNC Holdings.

Mike’s a great host, and showed me around the offices where DirectNic operates.

Being curious and all, I asked to see where are the domains physically stored, and nobody knew, but their break room is stocked with tons of snacks and candy.

So I’m ok with that.

In all seriousness, it was great meeting Mike and the DNC Holdings CEO, Rob Alfonso. I took lots of pictures, and then we headed out to the Mini Doughnut Factory, where Patrick Ruddellaka, Chef Patrick – and his wife, Zezura, were cracking the whip to make awesome mini donuts.


In fact though, the Ruddells were not there, but the factory was operating like a well-oiled mini donut machine.

I was gifted a dozen delicious mini donuts by Mike, and took a few more pictures. The donuts won’t last until my birthday, but I plan to go back for more.

Many thanks for the hospitality, guys! 😀

Mike’s office. Actually, this is the meeting room, but I’d support his plea for a bigger office.

Mike pointing on the map to show me exactly where the Land of Oz is.

Mmm…mini doughnuts.

More mini doughnuts.

I’ve two boxes of them to finish off.

Mike footing the bill. Thanks man!

Happy customers getting their mini doughnuts.

Patrick wasn’t there, but he said Tuesday is the slowest day of the week. The lounge area was packed!

Mini Doughnut Bros.

Note: DNC Holdings is a sponsor. None of this was planned, but I appreciate the donuts – best birthday present ever.

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