BTC : The crazy history of the domain

If you invest in Bitcoin, it’s currently trading at $3,300 dollars.

The world’s biggest cryptocurrency is not anonymous, but it has created many fortunes for its long-term holders, some of which might be questionable. is the exact match domain of the cryptocurrency, and it was acquired in the early 2010s by Roger Ver, its current CEO.

It might sound crazy, but the domain predates the coining of the term by almost a decade, as it was first registered on 9/19/2000 by a Swedish company, Hurricane Communication AB.

Between 2000 and 2008, was forwarding to the web site of a South Korean technology company, IVN Tech. dropped eventually, and it was re-registered in 2008. At the time, the registrant’s name was Jesse Heitler, according to historical WHOIS data from DomainTools.

Regardless of how much money Roger Ver paid to acquire, that price would be eclipsed, thanks to the BTC value today.

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