Can you sell domain names on eBay?

Selling domain names on eBay requires hard work and a quality domain portfolio.

Just remember the godfather of “domain chips,” Tim Schoon , who auctioned off more than $70,000 dollars worth of LLLL .com domains on eBay.

But still, even without a stellar portfolio there are plenty of domain auctions and opportunities to cash out.

For example, there’s this group on Facebook for eBay domain sellers, formed by Dr. Ray, who –naturally – sells domains on eBay.

Dr. Ray seems to be focusing on .biz domains, such as, and, along with .net domains such as

He sells the bulk of his domains with a BIN price that’s $50 or less, so check out his store on eBay.


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One Response to “Can you sell domain names on eBay?”
  1. Will says:

    Great share, I’ve been wondering how people actually sell names on Ebay and make a profit there but glad I came across this post. Knowing that other people had success selling on Ebay at least gives me motivation to give it a try. As you mentioned the domains that will probably sell the most will need to be quality names not just some random stuff. I am pretty sure there is a strategy or tactic to maximize your profits. I wonder if auction works better than a buy it now. Also how long should you have the domain up there for.

    These are questions I must get answered by simply giving it a shot. I will see how it goes and maybe even make a post on the results. Put up 10 or 20 names and see how each of them perform. The Ebay Domain Challenge =-D

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