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#CBD .com not for sale? No problem, get the #domain CBDCBDCBDCBDCBDCBD .com dude!

Hey domainer dudes and dudettes, whaaat’s happening?

I read a lot of stories recently about CBD, also known as Cannabidiol. Can’t believe they discovered that shit waaay back in 1940 and only now it’s apparently getting legalized around the world.

For “medicinal purposes” of course! (lol.)

Anyway, domains with “CBD” in them are hot shit right now. According to my man Elliot, CBD.com is not for sale, and it’s a Christian Book distributor company. Funny how high religion can get with the help of CBD! 😀

Just kidding.

The fact is that CBD.com is taken since 1996. The first saved web page from that era points to a United Communications Group lander. That was the golden era of hand-registering LLL .com acronyms my man!

So what to do when CBD.com is taken, and the Cannabidiol acronym is hot shit? You go after CBDCBD.com of course!

But wait, that’s registered too. So let’s check CBDCBDCBD.com. Nope. Taken as well.

Dude. WTF is going on!

Also taken: CBDCBDCBDCBD.com and there’s no hope for the 5x CBD gem, CBDCBDCBDCBDCBD.com that’s taken as well.

Oh fuck it man.

Go get CBDCBDCBDCBDCBDCBD.com – that’s six times the Cannabidiol content my man. It’s available, for now. Or check out MarijuanaMachines.com.

Later dudes. 😀

CBDCBDCBDCBDCBDCBD.com is not taken, my man! Photo by Francesco Mazzone on Unsplash

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