Center for Investigative Reporting : Neo-Nazi site allowed on GoDaddy

Daily Stormer.

According to The Center of Investigative Reporting, a neo-Nazi site is still allowed to operate on GoDaddy, using its Domains by Proxy services.

GoDaddy is not hosting the content of The Daily Stormer, that utilizes Cloudflare; the article states that GoDaddy asserted that it wouldn’t host it on its platform.

The Center of Investigative Reporting is quoting a recent article in Propublica, noting that The Daily Stormer has become a popular repository of hate speech and racism on the web.

In that article, Arleen Hess, senior manager of GoDaddy’s digital crimes unit stated the following:

“There is certainly content that, while we respect freedom of speech, we don’t want to be associated with it.”

Jonathan Vick, associate director for investigative technology and cyberhate response at the Anti-Defamation League, asked Domains by Proxy last year to publicize the contact information of The Daily Stormer publisher.

Ben Butler, director of GoDaddy’s digital crimes unit, told The Center of Investigative Reporting that The Daily Stormer has never crossed the GoDaddy threshold to justify a termination of service.

Keegan Hankes, an intelligence analyst for the Southern Poverty Law Center, said tech companies need to play a more hands-on role in policing what’s acceptable for their users.

“If you’re going to say that you don’t want hate on your platform and you don’t stand for these things, it’s a ‘put your money where your mouth is’ situation.”

For the full article, titled “Despite denial, GoDaddy works with neo-Nazi site through subsidiary,” click here.

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3 Responses to “Center for Investigative Reporting : Neo-Nazi site allowed on GoDaddy”
  1. R P says:

    I don’t know man. This country was founded upon freedom of speech. Don’t condone neo nazis but also don’t think a company should be vilified for doing business with American citizens that do not appear to be breaking the law. If there is a crime committed than that is a different story.

    If the liberal left continues on this path of preaching morality to the masses I fear greater and greater division in this country. States rights will start becoming a bigger issue, and for those that know history know what came next in this country the last time states rights came to the forefront of the country’s politics.

    Objectively speaking.

  2. DomainGang says:

    R P – Did you visit the daily stormer? There is nothing liberal about reporting neo-Nazi Hitler admirers that admonish minorities. GoDaddy needs to take a stance against this shameful practice.

  3. R P says:

    No didn’t visit. I’ve heard of it before. I don’t condone white supremacy.

    But ultimately I believe in our constitution and the freedom of speech it provides, even if speech is hateful and offensive.

    Their views are not going to change. As long as they don’t commit a crime or physically injure another person than I believe they are afforded the freedoms of the constitution.

    Trying to prevent a group of citizens from sharing their values, regardless how unsavory, often adds fuel to the fire. Imo.

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