Cheap dot .ICU #domain registrations lead to upsurge in spam

Registries that drop retail registration costs down to a couple of bucks or less, most likely contribute to an upsurge in global spam.

It makes sense: spammers register the cheapest domain names possible, and currently the ICU registry seems to have made a deal with registrars that support .ICU registrations.

In the past two days, we have received dozens of spam emails from freshly registered .ICU domains, all at NameCheap.

The current registration price at NameCheap is $1.80 dollars. That’s cheaper than Uniregistry ($2.88) and ($1.99). Currently, GoDaddy doesn’t offer dot .ICU registrations.

Maybe they have a good reason not to!

In the past, the .XYZ Registry offered penny registrations, leading to millions of domains being registered. However, the XYZ Registry seems to have a highly sophisticated anti-spam mechanism in place, as .XYZ spam is still next to zero.

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