Chinese domain market report : “Chips” pricing skyrockets overnight


The trading price of Chinese premium letters, also known as “Chips” quadrupled overnight.

Early morning trading in Beijing, China, indicates strong investment demand; price increases are fueled by the upcoming visit to the US of China’s President, Xi Jinping, next week.

Domains that contain no vowels or the letter “V” are now trading between $4,520 dollars (31148.68 yuan) and $4,698 dollars (32375.33 yuan,) although one can game the system by converting Bitcoin to yuan directly.

So far, more than 20% of LLLL .com domain names in the hands of Chinese domain investors have been involved in active trading, this morning.

There is no indication whether LLLLL .com and LLLLLL .com domains will follow suit, although NNNNN .com and NNNNN .CN domains are currently on the rise.

Domain investors are advised to take such sudden price increases with a pinch of salt, as such gains can be temporary and last only a day or so.

The Chinese domain market is definitely stronger than last year, heading towards the glory days of 2015.

Investing in Chinese premium letters is not a game for the weak; last year, LLLL .com domain “Chips” lost more than 60% of their 2015 value, without any warning.

Once again, domain investors are advised to proceed cautiously.

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2 Responses to “Chinese domain market report : “Chips” pricing skyrockets overnight”
  1. I have sold to Chinese and that’s not a joke 🙂

  2. aZooZa says:

    Maybe time for more of those iterative whois loops that you and I enjoyed some years back T.

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