Chinese domain sales : “An inefficient market bound for a correction”

China: A vast land of many opportunities.

China: A vast land of many opportunities.

Hard landing fears in the Chinese stock market are showing the amount of distress China’s oversold stocks are enduring.

The Chinese domain market, meanwhile, is seeing signs of a reverse growth, as far as “golden chip” domains go.

LLLL .com domain auctions such as this one fail to sell; such pricing was considered a steal at the end of 2015. Several other such auctions remain in the $1,800 – $1,900 territory as well.

Meanwhile, a thoughtful analysis of current market conditions in the Chinese domainsphere was presented by long term investor, Sahar Sarid, who stated:

“Most of our domain sales to the Chinese market in 2015 are names that were bought by the new purchasers for resale purposes, and the prices they paid for them are far above retail values.

Today, those names either don’t resolve or are for sale.

These are signs of an inefficient market that is bound for a correction.

If there are no end users in sight this market cannot and will not sustain itself.”

Not everyone shares Sahar Sarid’s view of the market; notably, Drew Rosener of Media Options remains optimistic:

“The growth curve of Internet adoption and therefore number of end users is about to change in an exponential way. We just saw the start of it in my opinion in the last 18 months.”

We keep track of short domain sales among China’s traders, and report them. Some data is provided by the Chinese domain sales tracker,

Here are the Monday names:

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