Chinese domain sales : Cooking the books with ‘water injection’

Chinese domain market report.

Chinese domain market report.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange closed the week with gains compared to yesterday; still, the losses since the beginning of the year amount to 22.65%.

On top of all that, doubts about the legitimacy of China’s growth numbers bring down the estimated GDP growth to as low as 4.3%.

A 6% growth would have been considered remarkably low, given the previous years’ numbers.

In other words: The Chinese were cooking the books, or as they say in China, the books were “injected with water.

The Chinese New Lunar Year begins on February 8th, and 2016 is the year of the Monkey; an ironic coincidence.

Domain investors are funneling money to short domain names in China, a practice often seen as evasive to their government’s controls over monetary assets.

Active domain trading exists and does occur in China among corporations and fund managers eager to spend a glut of cash in places other than the stock market.

We keep track of transactions of short domains in China, and some of this data is presented daily; courtesy of, a chinese domain sales tracker.

Here are today’s names:


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