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Chinese miners rescued; Domain investments grossly devalued


Chinese domain market: New lows in 2016.

A group of four Chinese miners have been rescued from a gypsum mine in eastern Shandong, China.

After spending 36 days underground, the lucky Chinese miners were brought to surface.

The first thing the rescued miners did, was to check the value of their “Chinese premium” domain investments, also known as “chips.”

The shock was quite immeasurable.

Domainer miner Xong Xing Kong started crying, seeing the value of his investments hitting new lows, while his colleague Ping Zhiao Zang stated:

“No live here, take me down below!”

The Chinese miners started investing in so-called QJXZ domains several months ago; at the time, the value of these domains followed a climbing path.

Things have changed, as some of these domains don’t even sell at $1,500 dollars at auctions. During the 36 day ordeal, the Chinese miners’ investments dropped a massive 32%.

China is welcoming the Year of the Monkey on February 8th; let’s hope that better days are ahead for the Chinese domain investors.

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One Response to “Chinese miners rescued; Domain investments grossly devalued”
  1. Nameably says:

    At first I thought it was a joke. But this story illustrates pretty well how engaging is the domaining industry. Lovely. It would make a great intro for a book about domain investing. 😀

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