Covid-19 #pandemic : Some people are losing their #domain names

The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting everyone around the world, in many different ways.

But it’s not the socializing aspect only, forcing millions to work from home or risk losing their jobs.

The overall stress from the Covid-19 effect can lead to getting distracted – not to mention, sick from it.

In a case reported to Google, a domain registrant shares their plight about losing their domain to a “cybersquatter” thanks to the Coronavirus:

Says the former owner:

Domain stolen and squatted – One of our domains expired while we were distracted with COVID lockdown in our country – someone now has our domain and isn’t using it – SQUATTING? Can anything be done ?

It’s unfortunate that the unnamed domain name expired and dropped; that’s the first logical explanation without knowing the exact domain name.

Keeping an eye on your digital assets is a must these days, so ensure you have up to date information with the domain registrar, including a valid payment method. Better still, renew your precious domains for several years in the future.

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