Crappy Registrar loses #domains during power outage! What’s the alternative?

Are your domain names safe? Not if you use Crappy Registrar.

The company’s web site was still offline early Monday morning, a full 48 hours after a complete power loss at the facility sent domain names into oblivion mode.

No power means no access to domain names registered with the company, and customers are furious.

“Such a Crappy Registrar, they should have gasoline generators and battery back ups but they don’t, and our domains are gone,” said TC of Jacksonville, Florida, who has a dozen domains with the company.

“I can’t believe we went with this Crappy Registrar when it should have been with a more established company that doesn’t cut corners,” added TC, visibly dejected.

Hundreds of customers were lured in by specials, such as $1 dollar .com domains; Crappy Registrar does not guarantee 100% availability and your domains might be offline for as many as 20 days a month. Support is only available via the web site’s chat widget, which is impossible to access during the current downtime.

If, on the other hand, you require a dependable domain service using a beautiful, highly functional back-end interface that gives you full control over your domain portfolio, 100% uptime and extended hours of support, visit

Note: this is a parody post. Uniregistry is a premium sponsor of DomainGang.


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