Crocodile Dundee 4: Fabulous in the Deep Blue Sea

One of the most anticipated sequels ever - Fabulous Son of Crocodile Dundee - Deep Blue Sea - Coming to the big screen in November

One of the most anticipated sequels ever – Fabulous Son of Crocodile Dundee – Deep Blue Sea – Coming to the big screen in November

For the fans of Paul Hogan the waiting is finally over: Fabulous Son of Crocodile Dundee – Deep Blue Sea is about to hit the big screen early in November, after eight whole years in the making.

The movie franchise of the 80’s known for its rugged hero, legendary Mick Dundee, takes a new turn as it introduces a new star that follows the footsteps of the knife-yielding Aussie. And nobody would be more worthy of this role than Mike “Fabulous” Robertson, a seasoned actor and heart-throb from Down Under.

Mike Robertson is known for his participation in action movies as a child; he starred alongside Mel Gibson in the 80’s classic “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome” and in Kevin Costner’s 1995 movie “Waterworld“. Mike is a natural when it comes to doing his own stunts in films; a rarity these days when stuntmen or CGI take over.

“G’day mate! I’m bloody excited, after all these yeears in the bizzo, I finally get ay rowle worthy of my skills, fair go mate! I’m just aboot to throw another shrimp on the barbie, for good mate Pawl Hogan.”

The movie plot is intriguing – as most Australian productions are these days – and it takes place in modern, corporate Sydney, where the lifestyle of the Outback meets the entrepreneurs of the new elite class of domainers. Mike Robertson is Crocodile Dundee’s second son from his marriage to blonde bombshell Sue Charlton, whose part was played by Linda Kozlowski; Mike combines the best elements of his theatrical parents and delivers a class act throughout the movie.

There’s mystery, corporate acquisitions, a car chase in the streets of Melbourne and Sydney; a sky-diving malfunction almost killing Mike as he tweets his latest offers for

In the middle of this insanely active environment, he meets Myra Fooster – a long-legged beauty from a known German PPC company, and there’s a 15-minute long lovemaking scene that producers are hopeful to include in the final cut of the US version.

“Roight, it’s a fabulous, classy, excoiting love scene with my mate, Myra and we discover that we have more in common than just domains and corporate acquisitions, y’know. From go to whoa in the movie I’m a good bloke, and I foight aginst the evil forces that try to snatch the reins away from Deep Blue Sea. And I get to drive the best ute in Queensland!”

The movie is 2 hours and 52 minutes long in the Australian version, which includes the long lovemaking scene; it might be shorter if it doesn’t pass the “G” rating in the US. The movie’s production company is actually aiming for a “D” rating – for “Domainers” – that includes extra footage depicting Mike hand-registering domains and other such dangerous scenes found only in the raw director’s cut.

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