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“Crocodile Dundee 4” movie trailer was a promo for #Australia .com !

Sorry, mates. A “Crocodile Dundee 4” movie featured as the next Dundee release, is actually a promo for Australia.com – the official web site of Australia’s tourism office. There’s nothing like Australia apparently, and a series of teaser trailers for “Dundee” – the supposed son of legendary Aussie actor, Paul Hogan – are part of […]

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Crocodile Dundee 4: Fabulous in the Deep Blue Sea

For the fans of Paul Hogan the waiting is finally over: Fabulous Son of Crocodile Dundee – Deep Blue Sea is about to hit the big screen early in November, after eight whole years in the making. The movie franchise of the 80’s known for its rugged hero, legendary Mick Dundee, takes a new turn […]

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