Crypto-domaining : SnapNames to offer domain mining “off the blockchain”

SnapNames, the definitive domain drop-catching service, will be offering domain mining for long term investing.

Influenced by the success of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies aimed at digital gamblers, the SnapNames service will be totally off the blockchain.

“At SnapNames we know what people want, it’s quick flips using a traceable model that can keep track of how many times a LLLL .com has been resold in China,” said Markus Fi of SnapNames.

“Imagine being able to see these micro-transactions live, instead of depending on untraceable and questionable domain sales reports, that’s the concept,” added Fi.

SnapNames ChainTracker will work with .COM, .NET and .ORG domains at first, having the ability to leverage up to 2 million domain transactions per minute; that’s more than eight times the current volume of Chinese domain sales.

“We have a lot of sales at SnapNames, and although not every single one is from China, when users First or Two-Two enter the game, it becomes very fascinating to watch,” said Markus Fi, adding: “Get ready for some realtime domain flipping you’ve never seen before!”

The new SnapNames ChainTracker is currently in beta. Contact SnapNames to get enrolled.

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