#Crypto #domains : #Ethereum .com owner #HODLing for $1 dollar

The owners of Ethereum.com are not in a rush to sell, and are currently #HODLing the premium cryptodomain.

Priced at $10 million dollars, Ethereum.com has received a bid at that amount, according to its landing page.

“We’re waiting for that extra dollar that will motivate the seller,” said the domain broker buddy’s nephew, on condition of anonymity.

“One dollar can make or break the bank, and with cryptocurrencies one expects that the long term gains will be worth the time spent waiting,” said the person, checking Coinbase for the latest price of ETH.

With ETH.com allegedly selling for $2 million dollars last year, the Ethereum.com owners are most likely waiting for Vitalik Buterin to change his mind about .com domains.

“Vitalik is a great guy, as soon as he joins the gym to gain some weight, he will be wearing the “ETHEREUM.COM” tshirt with pride on his buff body,” said cryptocurrency investor, Nick Spanos, adding: “Get used to it, crypto is here to stay, and ETH is the next BTC.”

If you can spare $10,000,001 dollars you can go ahead and claim Ethereum.com, as it’s been sitting there unused.

Until then, #HODL.

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