Latona’s $80k sale is now a dropped #domain auction, a domain once sold via the Latona’s auction/brokerage, did not survive the renewal process.

This great domain about “day traders” was registered in 1996, presumably to target a specific group of stock and option traders. Day trading is a form of speculation in securities in which a trader buys and sells a financial instrument within the same trading day.

According to Namebio, was sold for $84,215 dollars in late 2008 by Rick Latona, who was operating Latona’s Auctions at the time. is still active, presumably selling domain assets acquired by Rick Latona’s ventures.

Why did drop is a mystery; in recent years, the domain was under WHOIS privacy and records from 2017 indicate that it might have been in the possession of domain investor Jay Westerdal. The holding entity was a company called Ascern but stopped resolving a while back.

In that sense, it might have been a case of failed renewal emails. The domain dropped at Google’s domain registry and was caught by DropCatch. It’s currently in auction with 2 days left; the current high bid is $6,717 dollars.

Update: The domain was sold for $49,650 dollars as seen below:

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