How the heck did this 1997 gem drop? is a former 1997 domain registration that was somehow allowed to expire and drop.

Dependency is the synonym of dependence and reliance. It’s a word that finds use across multiple domains, if you pardon the pun, including medicine and pharmaceuticals, finance, and society.

In 2002, the domain was in the possession of a chap named Chris Booth of Surf Shack Limited.

Registered in 1999, that domain expired in 2011 but it’s unrelated to that had moved to a “Chris Baker” in 2004. Mr. Baker was using a British ISP email then ( and he continued to do so over the years, eventually moving onto BT Internet in 2009.

For a good decade, the domain’s registrant used the same email address and in 2018 WHOIS information for was obfuscated, all thanks to the nasty GDPR the European Union boffins mandated to the rest of the world.

For the past 3 years, was with, until it expired on October 1, 2021. Apparently, the culprit was the BT Internet ISP email used to manage the domain. Such ISP emails are not dependable and some become obsolete; see the RoadRunner case.

As late as in March 2021, the domain featured an active web site of several pages.

The domain was caught by DropCatch, where it’s currently in a public auction. There are currently 88 bids, topped by a $2,020 bid that will surely be surpassed as there are almost two days left for the end of the auction.

Update: The auction closed at $6,884 dollars.

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  1. DomainGang says:

    Update: The auction closed at $6,884 dollars.

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