Diana Jackson’s painting : How much will it fetch at THE Domain Conference?

Diana Jackson is an accomplished painter that just so happens to be domainer Ron Jackson’s wife.

The Jacksons have been the heart and soul of domain conferences for years, and this time around at THE Domain Conference‘s debut.

As part of the Water School event aimed at soliciting donations for impoverished nations and their provision with clean water, one of Diana Jackson’s paintings will be auctioned off today.

You can see a photo of the painting below, with Tessa Holcomb & Gregg McNair at THE Domain Conference. The original photo was taken by Braden Pollock in Namimbia.

No matter how much the painting will fetch at the auction, it will still be not enough for the needs of the children in Africa.


Tessa Holcomb and Gregg McNair with the painting by Diana Jackson.


The original photo the painting is based on.

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