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Did the #domain Bonjour.com sell for $220 dollars on Flippa?

The premium domain Bonjour.com is French for “good day” and for some reason its sale was recorded for $220 dollars via Flippa.

Back in May we wrote a parody post about how the French government was about to seek its surrender; the spin-off story was based on the unfortunate adventures of France.com.

However, would Bonjour.com sell for a mere $220 dollars, a sale that even Namebio recorded?

NamePros users perusing the Flippa auction and the Namebio results naturally freaked out with justified rage:

” tell me it was a fake auction. Please tell me that the transfer is not taking place. it is impossible “


“Should this be a joke? I have seen worst domains go for 4-5 figures. It was a gem. Did someone steal it from the real owner and put there for sale. Or is it a fake sale. Come on, $220 ????”

Another user saw the recorded sale of Bonjour.com as an attempt to “launder money:”

“That seems money laundering to me..!! The actual deal took place offline. This is just the documented price for the Government..!!”

Eventually, the truth emerged; according to an eagle-eyed NamePros member, the domain sold for $30,000 dollars in a post-auction negotiation.

Currently, Namebio is listing the domain at $220 dollars due to some internal glitch, but even at $30k the sale of Bonjour.com seems quite low.

Bonjour.com is redirecting to LearningFrenchFree.com.

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2 Responses to “Did the #domain Bonjour.com sell for $220 dollars on Flippa?”
  1. Nevins McTwisp says:

    The eagle eyed NamePros member you speak of is incorrect. He apparently forgot to read a few posts from the first page — as did several others who commented in that thread. 🤦

    **The high bid was $30k by a NP member who later shared the seller reached out with some type of $220k BIN. The bidding log clearly states, “Negotiated post public auction.”**

    Nobody knows where the $220 figure came from. One theory is the buyer is international and entered mistakenly entered $220.000 (period instead of a coma)

  2. DomainGang says:

    Nevins McTwisp – You’re right, should probably be “owl eyed” instead?

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