#Digisexuality : A #domain vertical built on sex technology for the future

Digisexuality – a guest post by Krista Gable, domain investor and entrepreneur who researches and invests in emerging technologies and domains.

Krista identifies and explains the characteristics of new tech as it intersects the human sexual nature, and the ability of the human psyche to desire and seek pleasure through the interaction with non-human forms.

Note: The article is aimed at open-minded adults that want to understand the subject. For any questions, visit Digisexuality.com.

DigisexualityBy Krista Renee Gable

The internet and sex have always been closely intertwined. Some of the very first bulletin boards, IRC groups, and websites were dedicated to sharing pornographic images.

Today, we have high-definition porn clips and films available to stream any time of day, and virtual reality porn is beginning to be developed and appreciated. What does the future hold though and what do these trends mean for domaining?

The future of sex, just like the present, is in technology, and the following trends are emerging: smart sex toys or teledildonics that allow people to connect over any distance;  immersive, virtual environments that feel real; realistic sex dolls that actually learn over time; and the rise of true digisexuality, when a person prefers technology over another person.

Sex and technology have been intermingling for a long time, but over the next decade, they will truly converge. Imagining all the possibilities and interactions is just surreal.

Sex is a basic biological drive for almost all animals. However, as humans, there are morals and laws that prevent us from humping the first attractive person we see.

Sex toys are getting smarter with internet-connected, sexual pleasure products; vibrating, Wi-Fi-enabled butt plugs; webcam-connected dildos; and all kinds of fun, smart orifices that use AI and haptics to provide the user with high tech pleasure. There is a wealth of innovative options for the industry known as teledildonics.

A number of companies are working on creating a fully immersive, virtual environment for people to play in. Realism will be achieved using a combination of advanced haptic feedback and virtual or extended reality. Haptic full-body suits are already being developed that will enable the user to touch the forbidden and unknown.

A person can feel like they are having sex with a digital avatar that they personalize and program. This could allow people to fully participate in situations and acts that may not be possible in the real world or connect with a real-life partner on the other side of the planet.

This opens a whole new world of virtual sexuality where you can get TeleFucked and have a haptic ending. Imagine an erotic version of Netflix’s groundbreaking Bandersnatch film. However, instead of making choices that affect the story, you are an active participant, and it is affecting you.

Hyper-realistic sex dolls that use artificial intelligence to simulate human responses are being developed and may be here sooner than you think. Looking into the not-so-distant future, the use of smart materials could make it possible to create new forms of erotic play involving robotics that could either be controlled remotely by another person or by some form of artificial intelligence.

What is digisexuality?

In its most basic form, it is using technology to facilitate and enhance the sexual experience. Most people today use technology to do this with a variety of messaging and video chat apps. One might even find a potential partner on a dating or matching app.

A person who identifies as a digisexual takes it a step further and removes a second human from the equation entirely. A digisexual prefers a technologically-driven solution, like those explained above, to satisfy their need for sexual contact.

What does all of this mean for domain name investors?

Ever since the patent for Teledildonics expired, the race has been on to create the smartest, most innovative sexual pleasure products.

Companies will need domains that are both keyword-rich as well as brandable.  An example of this from my own portfolio would be AiClimax.com. One can also try to register exact match domains for what one thinks the future trends might be, but that is always a gamble.

I personally have invested heavily within this niche as I see a big opportunity in the continued convergence of sex and technology.

Let the renaissance of sex tech begin.

Digisexuality and domains – Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash

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