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From hand reg to $3000 dollars : 5G #domain name sale closed on Escrow .com

The upcoming 5G technology for cellular networks will revolutionize online communication, and domain investor Krista Gable knows that. With speeds that dwarf existing communication protocols, 5G is about to create a fluid Internet experience, speeding up data transfers substantially, and eliminating latency. Domain names that contain the “5G” reference are also becoming hot! Krista Gable’s […]

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Domain Domme : How Krista Gable tackles #domain investing in a male dominated industry

Krista Renee Gable is a former professional dominatrix, and a domain investor with a portfolio that focuses on technology, teledildonics, sex and cannabis. Krista operates her domain portfolio from Domain Domme – clearly in a male-dominated industry; she is not afraid to try out niche markets that some would find shocking. Krista is a dedicated […]

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