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DNForum back up, after software upgrades


DNForum.com – now live.

DNForum is back up, after a series of server, and forum software upgrades; the changes include the addition of a chatroom, leaner sub-forums, and the elimination of outdated content.

The downtime lasted longer than expected, but hopefully this won’t be occurring in the future.

More changes are expected in the coming days, and domain investors are invited to peruse DNForum.com.

Read our exclusive interview with the DNForum owners, George Verdugo and Kevin Faler, from NamesCon 2017.

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One Response to “DNForum back up, after software upgrades”
  1. In the modern day and age ‘software’ and server upgrades do not necessitate any downtime.
    From a user experience point of view, downtime = goodbye – I’ll go somewhere that gets the simple stuff right.

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