DNForum: Fresh list of TikTok accounts from the domain industry!

Do you have a TikTok account that is related to your domain industry activities? Whether it’s a personal or a business account, consider submitting it to DNForum to be included in its latest list of TikTok accounts.

According to an announcement by Helmuts Meskonis, CEO of DNForum, submissions are free.

Here is the press release:

DNForum Compiles First-Ever List of Domain Name Industry TikTok Accounts -Free Submissions Now Open!

[Maidstone, England, UK | April 15, 2024] – DNForum, the oldest online community for domain name professionals, is excited to announce the creation of the first-ever comprehensive list of domain name industry TikTok accounts. This initiative aims to connect businesses and individuals within the industry and showcase the creativity and innovation happening on the platform.

The Power of TikTok for the Domain Name Industry

With over 1.5 billion monthly active users, TikTok is a powerhouse for reaching a massive audience. In fact, 23% of all internet users worldwide and nearly a quarter of all social media users have joined the TikTok wave. It is not a platform for kids anymore. This presents a unique opportunity for domain name industry businesses to connect with potential customers in a fun and creative way.

“We saw the incredible engagement with short videos promoting last year’s Domain Summit on TikTok,” says Helmuts Meskonis of DNForum.

“This platform is a goldmine for the domain name industry, and there’s no better time than now to jump in and build brand awareness in a fun, interactive way. One thing that surprised us – professional, informative content actually performs really well on TikTok. You don’t have to completely ditch your brand identity. Be yourself – reliable, informative, and maybe even a little celebratory – and you’ll find success on the platform. Don’t hesitate to start fresh with a new TikTok account. Building a small, engaged audience who understands your niche is key. Quality likes and watches from these initial followers will significantly impact the reach of your future videos.”

Free Submissions Open Now!

DNForum invites all domain name industry businesses, large and small, to submit their TikTok usernames to the official list. The submission process is completely free and takes just a few minutes. To submit your TikTok username, visit the DNForum thread.

About DNForum

Launched in 2001, DNForum is the oldest online community for domain name professionals, and has over 535,000 members. With a global reach and active membership, DNForum provides a platform for discussion, education, and networking within the domain name industry.

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